Ever feel like your skin is older than what it should be? Maybe you’ve used a lot of products but it just doesn’t have any effect? As we grow older, our body loses collagen, the ingredient that gives us a form of structural integrity and firm skin. To better your health and keep your skin healthy, it is crucial that the body’s collagen is replenished via supplementation which guarantees a safe, efficacious and made with high quality ingredients high-quality the NeoCell Super Collagen, one of the top products and favorite of the year, America’s Number 1 collagen brand.


Introduction to Collagen

What is it?

Profusely found throughout the body, collagen is an important protein that exists in many parts of our body. The human skin, tissue, muscles, organs, eyes, teeth, nails and hair all contain collagen to a certain extent. That’s what gives it the elasticity, strength and resilience of our body’s structural framework. Collagen also aids in skin, bone and tissue regeneration, especially when we are young and our body continues to grow and adapt to the harmful influences of the environment.

Do I need collagen?

Do I need collagen


However, as we age, our body no longer produces enough collagen. Collagen exists in the form of fibers that are bound together in a support matrix. After the age of 25 years old, the body slows down production of collagen by as much as 1.5% per year. Which is why you always notice that older people have fine lines, wrinkles, and creases on their skin, tendon problems, joint pains, increased fatigue, decreased mobility, reduced energy as well as lackluster skin. The collagen fiber matrix degrades over times, turning brittle and because the body doesn’t replenish it at the same volume as when you are at your peak, it starts to break down.

Types of collagen

Collagen can be divided into a few types, commonly classified as Type 1, Type 2 and Type 3. Collagen Type 1 and Type 3 makes up 70% of the human skin and 99% of the human tendon. Only 86% of our ligaments consists of Collagen Type 1 & 3. Meanwhile, body cartilage is 60% Collagen Type 2. More than a third of our bones have collagen as a structural component, be it soft or rock hard bones.

NeoCell Super Collagen


The NeoCell Super Collagen is a premium, quality product that has been tested extensively for the use of collagen supplementation. It is designed to replenish collagen Type 1 & Type 3 throughout the body via enzymatically hydrolyzed collagen which has been developed with years of research and development in the lab. It is a pure form of collagen and highly potent, promising immediate results. With a range of collagen supplements, NeoCell has developed each product for a specific purpose. The NeoCell Super Collagen enhances the skin and bodily health. Unlike other products in the market, NeoCell Super Collagen has some of the highest dosages of collagen in the market, which will speedily aid in maintaining peptide concentration levels. It has been engineered for rapid absorption, on average 12 minutes after ingestion. Collagen is made of really large molecules that prevent it from being absorbed quickly into the body.

What does it do for me?

NeoCell Super Collagen will

  • aid in collagen regeneration
  • reduce unsightly wrinkles
  • Smoothen tired fine lines
  • help moisturize the skin and bring up its hydration naturally
  • aid in bone health
  • strengthening tissue vitality
  • protect hair and nails
  • utilizing glycine that promotes lean muscles.

The patented BioActive NeoCell Collagen has been engineered to have a very low molecular weight, ensuring steady and quick absorption into the body, as well as increased bioactivity. Normal collagen molecular weight is 400,000 daltons. That is why it takes times for the body to break it down and utilize the collagen. The NeoCell Super Collagen has been designed to be at 3,000 daltons, which has been proven to show better absorption at 90% efficiency and maximum bioavailability.

Where does NeoCell get their collagen from?

Many people are concerned about the source of ingredients that they use. NeoCell gets its collagen from the hide of grass fed cows that are free from excessive antibiotics and artificial hormones. So you can be sure the NeoCell Super Collagen you use is safe, humane and ultimately, made of responsibly derived ingredients.

How does NeoCell Super Collagen work?

The regenerative quality of collagen is one of the building blocks for a better and healthier body. It aids in the formation of new tissues within the human body. Worker cells produce the collagen fiber matrix, which is then used to build tissue structures. After a certain period of time, the collagen fiber matrix becomes brittle and breaks down into collagen fragments called peptides that float loosely in extracellular fluid. This signals molecular receptors that detect these peptides, after a certain concentration in a particular area, to communicate with worker cells so that collagen production is renewed. Thus is collagen regeneration constantly happening in our body.

With age, however, the responses from the worker cells slows down, reducing the body’s natural collagen. When you ingest NeoCell Super Collagen, the BioActive NeoCell Collagen mimics the properties of collagen fragments that float in the extracellular fluid. This boost of collagen fragments gives the worker cells more frequent signals to produce the collagen fiber matrix, allowing the body to regain back healthy collagen levels that gives you a youthful, healthier body and skin. NeoCell Collagen is adapted to work with the body’s natural regenerative cycle, allowing a more natural and safe alternative for a renewed production of collagen at the molecular level.

Using NeoCell Super Collagen

Simple, really. All you need to do is consume 6 tablets per day on an empty stomach. The reason is that after eating food, your body begins the process of digestion which might inhibit the absorption of the collagen.

A survey of users has found that 8 out of 10 women using NeoCell Super Collagen would highly recommend the product to family and friends and stand by its efficacy. 92% showed increased hydration in the skin face and body, while 65% of users showed fewer wrinkles, firmer skin and even softer skin.

The Power of NeoCell Super Collagen

It’s obvious that NeoCell Super Collagen is one of the best collagen supplements in the market. With accolades from the industry and safe industrial practices, NeoCell Super Collagen is definitely the right choice for a better, younger and more beautiful body.



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