Lately, there seems to be a new topic of discussion among people—from health experts to celebrities— and it’s all about the health benefit of pure bone broth protein powder. Broth protein powder just didn’t become famous overnight. There is a reason why it has attracted so much attention lately, and taking a closer look, the reasons are not farfetched. 

Anything that brings any form of healing to the human body is always going to be on everyone wish list, and that’s exactly what pure bone broth protein powder does. Derived from animal bone and perfectly processed, yet allowed to maintain the bunch of its natural properties; pure bone broth protein powder brings amazing benefits to the human body such as in weight loss, a glowing skin and good joint health.

What is pure bone broth protein powder?


Pure bone broth protein is a nutritional supplement that offers the immense health benefits of combining bone broth and protein, well preserved in a convenient and compatible powder form. It is a powder you can take by mixing it with liquid or water depending on your choice. 

How do manufacturers derive it? 

Pure bone broth protein powder is derived from cooking chicken bones, tendons, ligaments, and water under sustained heat and intense pressure. This process enabled the broth to be cooked for a shorter time, allowing it to retain its unique nutrients. 

The amazing nutrients and minerals found in pure bone broth protein powder include magnesium, potassium, calcium, chondroitin, hyaluronic acid, glucosamine, collagen, and more. All of these minerals and nutrients would have been lost if cooked for a longer period.

The broth is then taken through a dehydration process at a minimum temperature and finally concentrated into powder form. Yes! It’s dehydrated bone broth protein devoid of unnecessary addictive or fillers.

The main source of pure bone broth protein is its complete concentration on bone broth. Therefore, its entire protein proceeds straight from the broth, and not from other sources like soy, whey or egg.

What are the benefits of pure bone broth protein powder?

When you regularly drink pure bone broth protein powder or adding it to your recipes, you will steadily promote and improve healthy gut integrity as well as reducing inflammation and permeability.

Below are some ways in which pure bone broth protein can be of great benefits to your health:-

  • Skin care. Pure bone broth protein contains an adequate level of hyaluronic acid, which is very active in helping to keep your skin moisturized, glowing and looking youthful.
  • Joints protection. Pure bone broth protein is one of the world’s most renowned sources of natural collagen, the unique protein found in vertebrate animals—in their skin, bone, cartilage, tendons, ligaments and bone marrow. As we grow older, our lovely joints start losing flexibility due to wear and tear. Using pure brine broth protein powder will activate collagen and such other minerals like glucosamine, hyaluronic, and gelatin to help in lubricating the joints and allowing, reduce pain and maintain its flexibility.
  • Exercise recovery. The rich and essential amino acids found in pure bone broth protein helps in speeding up the recovery time for injured and recuperating athletes.
  • Good sleep. When it comes to good health, sleep is a weapon. Pure bone broth protein contains glycine, an amino acid that has the potentials to help you sleep better and feel more relaxed.
  • Anti-diabetes. The excellent level of glycine in pure bone broth protein is also very much active in reducing the early signs and symptoms of diabetes.
  • Good digestive health. The great number of amino acids and gelatin found in pure bone broth protein powder are capable of preventing ulcers while improving the lining of the digestive tract.
  • Weight loss. This is one of the excellent benefits of using pure bone broth protein powder. The powder is low in calories and high protein, which is strong enough to boost your metabolism. A single scoop containing 20g is all you need without spiking up your blood sugar.
  • Better mineral absorption. Since there good level of glycine in the pure bone broth powder, you can expect it to improve the level at which your body breaks down and absorbs minerals like zinc, iron, magnesium and potassium.
  • Detoxification. Pure bone broth protein powder has three wonderful amino acids namely glycine, cysteine, and glutamic acid. This three are vital for making glutathione, the antioxidant master of your body, without relying on any pesticides or GMOs.

    How to use pure bone broth protein powder

There are many ways you can add more nutrient density to your daily food or drink routine while using pure bone broth protein powder. Here are some ways you can do that:-

•   Mix it with juice or water and enjoy.
•   Add it to cashew, almond or coconut drink.
•   Do you have any smoothies? Add it to it.
•   You add to stew or soup to improve thickness.
•   If you are baking, you can add it to your muffins, brownies or cakes.
•   In the morning, you can have it by mixing it with your oatmeal.

Not a fan? You too can enjoy it!

Maybe you don’t like the taste of broth protein. But you probably would if you know there are other options of broth protein powders for you. They come in different types of flavor. From pure bone broth protein powder to vanilla and then, you have greens, turmeric, cinnamon, coffee, vanilla, apple, banana and chocolate cream. It’s simply amazing, and the pure bone broth protein powder is just one of the super variety available for you. 

A single scoop of the powder daily will suffice for your daily needs since one scoop contains 2.5 cups of nutritional value broth.
Most manufacturers are suggesting that people should serve broth protein in the warm drink for their morning routine.


Nothing beat the natural taste of things, especially when they have good health benefits for the user. Pure bone broth protein is an amazing natural supplement with lots of healing capabilities. The broth protein is a convenient way of enjoying the very best of bone broth. 

Although it’s a bit expensive, the benefits are much, and by far, outweigh the cost. Therefore, you can invest in pure bone broth protein powder today—one of the best natural life-boost supplements in the market.



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