If your body is facing the premature aging, or you are feeling dull with the increasing age, then your body has a lot many things to tell you. Maybe you are lacking some of the most essential ingredients to shape a healthy body.

Collagen is the most abundant component in our body. It can break down all the signs of aging like wrinkles and body pains in our body.

Youtheory is a game changer, which can help you achieve your inner health and outer beauty. The collagen supplement comes in either form: Youtheory collagen Powder and tablets.

If you consume 6000 mg of the collagen powder by Youtheory, it will really be easily digestible. The formula of Youtheory Collagen provides you with the essential supplies that you need to build the blocks for a healthy body.

Adding Youtheory collagen to your diet can be beneficial. It might be the most important and correct decision taken by me over time. Also, many users who are consuming the powder since long shared their reviews to help you choose the best collagen peptide ever.


The 1 & 3 are the advanced formula of the Collagen, which has been designed to replenish the collagen support in your body. This comes in the form of tablets, and Youtheory collagen type 1 & 3 reviews can let you run to get the supplement from right now.

Let us see what the main ingredients are:


Ingredients Quantity Per Serving
Vitamin C (as Calcium Ascorbate) 60 mg
Chondroitin Varying in 1 & 3
Hyaluronic Acid Varying in 1 & 3
Protein 6 g
Sodium 10 mg


Other Ingredients are Magnesium Stearate, Di-Calcium Phosphate, and Microcrystalline Cellulose.  

Both the types include 18 amino acid which helps in stronger bone, hair, and nails. Both the product are free of Gluten, corn, wheat, yeast, sugar, fat or other dairy products.


The Youtheory Collagen Costco is enriched with the advanced formula which provides bioactive collagen peptide supplies to your body and refills the vital collagen supply to your body. The supplement is enhanced with vitamin C and consist of 6000 mg of hydrolyzed collagen in each tablet.

The supplement comes in a container where the number of tablets is 120.

The supplement is an excellent resource of essential amino acids lysine which helps in collagen formation in your body.

The suggested dosage of collagen 1 & 3 for adults is 6 tablets daily. You can either take 6 pills at once or can break your intake. The supplement is manufactured in such a way where whey milk protein and fish extracts are processed. The supplement is not for you if you are nursing or pregnant. The supplement may have some sulfite residue which can be an allergic warning too.

The supplement is best when taken with food. Your empty stomach contains an acidic medium, which gets neutralized with food intake. Thus the best time to take Collagen Costco is at night. It gets enough time to sync in your body and repair it.


Youtheory collagen 390 is manufactured with advanced formula and is mainly for men. It can be taken in every stage of life. This vital supplement can optimize the overall health by replenishing the collagen.

This supplement contains the 5 grams collagen type 1, 2 and 3 and 18 amino acids. The container comes with 390 tablets.


Youtheory collagen is undoubtedly an outstanding health supplement for any age group. The users who consumed Youtheory Collagen daily said that:

They got Youthful Skin: Even the dermatologist said that the Youtheory collagen supplement helps in skin repairing. The vitamin C benefits in stronger hair and nails. It also helped them in increasing skin elasticity and moisturized the skin.

They had a better joint and bone health: The users who are also the patients of arthritis or other bone injury said that the Youtheory collagen improved their bone health. Their joint pains were decreased, and they noticed a significant bone strength.

They had other Benefits too:

Apart from having youthful skin and strong bones many of the users said they got

Improved digest system

A right hormonal balance in their body and also the balance of amino acids in their body

It improved their protein intake, and Youtheory Collagen weight gain helped them to build muscle.


I personally believe that the Youtheory Collagen is unique among many other collagen peptides. It is because

  • It comes in two different formula: one with type 1 & 3, and the other with collagen type 1, 2 & 3.
  • It is enriched with vitamin C which helps our body to absorb the collagen better and also maximize the benefit of the supplement in your body.

Do you know what each serving of Youtheory Collagen provides you?

  • Collagen- 6g
  • Vitamin C- 60g
  • 18 Amino acids

And the best part of using the supplement is its

  • Dairy Free
  • Gluten Free
  • And Soy Free

I also want you to know the difference between the three types of collagen:

  • Collagen 1: This is the most essential type of collagen in your body which is found in your bones, skin and intervertebral disks.
  • Collagen 2: This helps in lubricating your body joints and cushioning. The treatments of arthritis and wrinkles are possible because of this type of collagen.
  • Collagen 3: The composition of this type of collagen is very similar to standard 1. This is the next abundant collagen in your body, and you can find this type in your muscles, walls, blood vessels, and intestines.

While choosing the best one of the collagen supplement by Youtheory is now very easy and hassle-free. You can order the supplement online like from Amazon. Remember collagen helps you maintaining your overall health. Thus adding the supplement is a must do for you.

Natural Way of Increasing Collagen Production

As we grow older, we begin to lose two main skin proteins which are elastin and collagen. These two skin proteins are essential and help to determine to a considerable extent how we look.

We can easily increase our collagen production in many ways. On the present market, we can purchase pills, injections, creams and all sorts of products without any sign of improvement on our skin.

The most important secret in producing collagen and boosting skin is actually to find an ingredient that can naturally increase the production of collagen in your body.

In the actual sense, finding the best collagen production product is not easy, and as for the skin care companies, they are trying hard to make advertising that preys on our weaknesses since we don’t want to look old again.


In the actual sense, collagen is an essential element we need in our bodies. Collagen is the known protein found in all kinds of animals. Collagen is the key protein used in connective tissues. This collagen also helps in providing and supplying strength to all the tissues.

Additionally, collagen is used for keeping the skin in a moisturized, tight and firm condition. Therefore, it makes the need for collagen production in our body necessary.

However, as we age, there is usually an expected decrease in the supply and availability of collagen production of the body. And when this happens, there are usually fine lines, wrinkles, and other anti-aging disorders occurring in our skin.  Although, aging may not necessarily be the only factor causing these anti-aging disorders or decreasing collagen production in our body, unhealthy lifestyle and unbalanced diets can also play a significant role in causing a reduced collagen production.

There are high degrees of free radicals in our environment today varying from dirt, ultraviolet rays of the sun, dust, and pollutants. These free radicals are capable of penetrating all the seven skin layers thereby causing a whole lot of damages to each of the skin layers. Apart from damaging the skin layers, it also creates lots of damage to the encountered skin.


It actually comes down to the research and type of ingredient used. So when looking at the best type of ingredients, ensure you avoid collagen products with unnatural ingredients and chemicals, as they can cause dangerous effects down the road.

Additionally, you need to look out for products that are super quality.

There are different ways of increasing the production of collagen, and some of them are discussed below.


Applying a skin care product would help in protecting your skin from any free radicals that may want to damage your skin. There are lots of skin care products having anti-oxidants as part of their ingredients.


Another powerful and effective method of naturally increasing your collagen production is to engage in a disciplined diet.

Taking leafy vegetables, green and fresh fruits are important foods that would help in boosting the collagen production in the body. Additionally, disciplined diet is not enough, and as a matter of fact, it is pretty better to have enough rest and avoid stress. Also, you may need to avoid other vices such as drinking and smoking since there are lots of chemicals from drinking and smoking which would have a damaging effect on your system. Its result will reduce the production of collagen in your body.

Most ingredients used in skin care products are collagen stimulant and will help in stimulating the production of collagen of the body.

There are different products you can use to increase the production of collagen, and some of them are:




This is one of the best collagen production products, and has the following benefits.  They are produced with clinically proven ingredients like Ceramosidesphytoceramides, colorless tomato carotenoids, French lemon SOD and so on.

Anti-aging benefit

It is clinically proven with skin hydration. It helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles in the body and produces firmer and smoother skin in just 15 days.

It is an award-winning collagen production product.

This formula is a tested and trusted formula from Ceramiracle. And it contains effective skin supplements suitable for both men and women.


Order Online Saranghae Firm & Lift Cellular Regeneration Cream

This product is the best Koren Anti-aging cream on the market. It is an active moisturizer which is derived naturally from organic Sang Hwang mushroom with Ginseng. One of the main purposes of producing this product is to decrease free radical formation and reduce oxidative stress to about 220% making your skin radiant, beautiful, and at the same time, reduces the age spots, skin redness, and signs of aging on your skin. It keeps your skin fully hydrated.

It is an advanced cream used for tackling face wrinkle

It has a natural blend of antioxidants, regenerative peptides and amino acids which helps in restoring the moisture of your dry skin. Additionally, it restores and repair damaged skin membrane. It is a proven product used in reducing the width and depth of wrinkles.

It boosts your Elastin matrix and collagen

One of the main benefits of using this product is the fact that it helps in reducing or stopping aging enzymes. It also delivers resilient and supple skin type.


Day and Night Anti Wrinkle Cream for Men and Women

It is another compelling anti-aging cream set

It helps in reversing the signs of aging using the retinol cream set. It produces a healthier and brighter skin. It also stimulates collagen, watch deep lines and wrinkles in the body, and reduces sun damage.

It is a super anti-aging moisturizer

To have a radiant and glowing skin within a concise time, use this product. It can be used any time of the day for brighter and young-looking skin.

This product is a naturally produced anti-aging product.

It has no harmful fragrances and substances, it doesn’t contain Parabens and Dyes, it is cruelty-free, and no test is conducted on animals.


Petra Organics Retinol Cream for Face and Eye Area

It contains about 2.5% active retinol, and another anti-aging formula to reduce wrinkles, and promote a glowing and young looking skin type.

It is very safe to use as it is 100% natural and about 71% organic.

It has no fillers and fragrances, and no Paraben and Dyes. It is an effective formula for face and eye area. It is also cruelty-free, and not tested on animals.


Increasing collagen doesn’t have to be hard, but you have to know where to look and what to buy to avoid getting fooled.

Apart from the fact that these natural collagen production products are stimulants, they are also anti-oxidants. Therefore, they do not only improve the production of collagen, but they also help in repairing damaged skin and skin cells.

Additionally, collagen is of utmost importance in maintaining a glowing and young looking skin. Therefore, it would be necessary to place more emphasis on our skin and prevent any form of harms that can affect the skin.

Conclusively, increasing collagen doesn’t really have to be a hard thing, but it is imperative to know where to look, what to buy and where to buy these products to avoid being fooled.

Collagen Supplements Benefits & Side Effects 2018

Collagen is a type of protein which is necessary for our body. It helps you in maintaining a healthy skin health as well as replacing the dead skin cells as well. When you are not able to get this protein from the natural sources, the usage of collagen supplements become a necessity.

You need to keep in mind that when you’re consuming collagen on a regular basis, your skin health would be fine and problems like sagging or wrinkles of the skin would be entirely eliminated. Moreover, the health of the tissues in your body would be perfect as well. Collagen would also help you in keeping joint problems at bay. Thus, by consuming collagen supplements you would be able to eliminate a lot of problems.

We would today go into the details of collagen supplements benefits and collagen supplement side effects.

Benefits of Collagen Supplements:

  1. Eliminates wrinkles as well as fine lines:

Eliminates wrinkles

The number and benefit of collagen is that it eliminates wrinkles as well as fine lines. You need to understand that as the amount of collagen in our body gets reduced, skin becomes more and looser. When the natural collagen in the body is decreased, it is necessary for you to provide collagen into the body through external sources. Moreover, these days due to the pollution as well as dust and other contaminants which are present in the outside environment, skin health is impacted as well. Collagen helps you in revitalizing your skin by ensuring that the newer skin cells are replacing the older ones. Thus, not only collagen would help you in making your skin look firm but also it would revitalize the appearance of your skin as well. Also, it would help you protect your skin against dust, dirt and other contaminants.

  1. Improving the tone of your skin:

Improving the tone of your skin

Most of the women try very hard to attain proper complexion. You need to understand that instead of using cosmetics to attain proper complexion, it is a much better idea for you to use collagen supplements. Collagen supplements would not only be able to provide you with a better skin tone but they would also help you in maintaining that skin tone as well. This is one of the main reasons why you have to consume collagen supplements on a regular basis. Moreover, they improve the blood circulation through the smaller arteries and veins as well which ensures that skin is always revitalized.

  1. Eliminates the scars:

Eliminates the scars

Scars, as well as other stretch marks, can ruin your appearance. You need to understand that whenever you’re losing weight or when you’re suffering from an accident, scars are pretty common. You need to also understand that another skin related problems which you can suffer from is dark spots. Collagen supplements can help you in handling all of these. You need to understand that collagen supplements would actually promote the tissue formation in the body. This would help you in firming up the skin which would remove the scars. This would ensure that not only you are able to have even skin tone but also you are able to eliminate any deformations in the skin.

  1. Moisturization of the skin:

Moisturization of the skin

If you’re suffering from dry skin, this problem can also be eliminated with the help of collagen supplements. Normally, dry skin is a result of the kind of lifestyle which you lead as well as the exposure to pollution as well as other dirt and contaminants. When you are consuming collagen supplements, you can be sure that the replacement of the dead skin cells with the newer ones would be pretty fast. Also, in case of dryness, the moisturization of the skin would take place more easily as the tissue coalition would take place. This would ensure that any deformity in the skin is fixed quite quickly.

Moreover, when you’re looking into the collagen supplements, they consist of amino acids which are normally absent or deficient in the body when you’re suffering from dry skin. When they provide amino acids to the body, not only the repair of the skin cells is done at a faster pace but also the hydration of the skin takes place at a faster pace as well. This ensures that moisturization of the skin is easily done.

  1. Improving the dermis:

Improving the dermis

Collagen is present in the dermis that is the inside layer of the skin. When you are consuming collagen supplements, you would be able to form of the inner layer of the skin. This ensures that from the inside, the skin becomes firm and tight. This is one of the main advantages of collagen. Moreover, when you are consuming collagen supplements, collagen is easily digested. Therefore, it deposits in the inner layer of the skin easily.

Additional benefits of collagen supplements:

In addition to these collagen benefits supplement which is widely known, there are some other additional benefits of collagen supplements as well. These include:

  • Reduction in appetite
  • Brighter skin
  • Better bone health
  • Better joint and bone flexibility

As you can see, the benefits of college supplements are plenty. When you look at the numerous collagen supplements 2018, you would realize that due to the huge demand of collagen supplements, a wide variety of supplements are available these days. This is one of the main reasons why more and more people are opting for collagen supplements.

How to maximize the benefits of collagen supplements?

You need to keep in mind that even though collagen supplements are beneficial on their own but you can take a few steps in order to ensure that you are able to maximize the benefits of the same. When you are able to maximize the benefits of collagen supplements, it would become very easy for you to firm up your skin as well as improve the health of your skin quickly. Some of the steps which you can undertake are:

  1. Choosing the best supplement:

As we stated above, there are numerous collagen supplements which are available these days. You have to choose the collagen supplements which have lesser synthetic ingredients and have more natural ingredients. When you are able to do so, you can be sure that the absorption of collagen would be easier in the body. This would help you in garnering maximum benefits from collagen supplements.

  1. Highly absorbent:

You need to understand that many supplements include the ingredients in the supplement itself which aids the absorption of the supplements. You need to look into the ingredient list and you have to choose a supplement which is highly absorbent.

  1. Other ingredients:

You need to understand that just because, it is a collagen supplement does not mean that it cannot contain any other ingredients. You have to look at the other ingredients as well and you have to choose the supplement with the best mix of ingredients. This would ensure that not only you are able to get the benefits of collagen but also you are able to get the benefits of other nutrients as well.

These are the 3 ways in which you would be able to improve the effects of collagen supplements.

Side effects of collagen supplements:

Just because collagen supplements have a lot of benefits, does not mean that they do not consist of any side effects. We would also go into some of the side effects of collagen supplements in order to provide you with the balanced view.

  1. Long lasting aftertaste:

The aftertaste of most of the collagen supplements is not pleasant, to say the least. Moreover, the aftertaste can easily last for a period of 60 minutes. The aftertaste is pretty persistent. Owing to this very reason, you would not be able to eliminate the aftertaste easily. This is one of the main disadvantages of collagen supplements.

  1. Not suitable for hypoallergenic individuals:

If you are hypoallergenic or if you’re allergic to the normal sources of collagen-like chicken, shellfish or any other type of fish, then you would not be able to consume collagen supplements. In such a case, in order to avoid an allergic reaction, you need to stay away strictly from these collagen supplements. If you are confused about the ingredients of the collagen supplements, it is a better idea to consult your doctor and find out whether the particular collagen supplement which you are speaking about is completely safe for you or not.

  1. Reduction in appetite:

This can be a benefit as well as a disadvantage. If you’re trying to lose weight, it is certainly a benefit for you. However, if you’re having a balanced diet and the healthy lifestyle, it can be a side effect for you. There is a significant reduction of appetite when you are consuming collagen supplements on a regular basis. However, the effect is more pronounced initially and after a while, the effect of appetite suppression is reduced. Thus, you have to look at this point before thinking of consuming collagen supplements.

Types of collagen:

When you’re choosing the collagen supplements, you have to always look at the type of collagen which is present in the supplements. Once you are able to do so, thereafter only you can choose the right collagen supplement.

Type I collagen:

Type I collagen is specifically beneficial for hair as well as nail health. Over a period of time, nails can become discoloured and you can suffer from hair loss as well as hair thinning and split here and is and other such problems as well. If in order to eliminate all of these problems, you have to choose the supplements which consist of type I collagen. Type I collagen is also good for your skin.

Type II collagen:

Type II collagen is specifically useful for Bones as well as joint health. If you’re suffering from ligament problem or bone joint problems, then the type II collagen is a good option for you. This type of collagen can also help you in firming up your skin as well as improving the skin health.

Thus, if you’re looking to take collagen supplements for your skin, you can opt for any of the collagen supplements which we have discussed. However, if you’re thinking of consuming collagen supplements for any other purpose, it is important to look into the specific reason for consuming collagen supplements and thereafter you can choose the right one.


All in all, collagen supplements are highly beneficial for your body. They can provide you with numerous benefits. You need to, however, understand that only when you’re choosing the highly absorbent collagen supplements and are choosing the collagen supplements with the right type of collagen, you would be able to gain some benefits. You have to keep these factors in mind and thereafter choose the perfect collagen supplement for your use.

5 Ways to Improve Your Collagen

Looking for more beautiful and youthful skin? Improving collagen in your body can you gain back that natural beauty and keep you looking young for years. Here’s how.

Research on skin over the years have shown that collagen makes a lot of contribution in maintaining the skin by reducing wrinkles and dryness. To gain softer skin, a lot of collagen boosting products are making rounds in the market.But what is collagen?

Defining Collagen

Collagen is one of the most common proteins that is found in the human body that gives the skin a natural strengthening effect and a youthful look.

Here are five ingredients listed below that can add up the required collagen in your body.

  1. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has been used as gels through ages for healing and soothing effects. It has also been used as a medicine to cure wounds. The reason being that Aloe Vera plant has the capacity to increase the production of collagen when it is applied externally or consumed orally. This stimulates the cell-growth and boosts up the collagen production inside the layers of the skin improving the skin tone and smoothness.

  1. Vitamin C

Vitamin C plays a vital role in synthesizing hyaluronic that again speeds up the recovery time of any ailment like painful joints. Absence of an adequate level of vitamin C, the body fails to extract the full benefit of the consumed food that contain hyaluronic acid. Studies show that the hyaluronic acid helps in boosting up the production of collagen in the human body.

Hyaluronic acid is a natural constituent of the body that keeps decreasing with aging. Food that are rich in vitamin C as well as amino acids can only bring back the required levels of hyaluronic acid and collagen. Foods like citrus fruits, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, kale, red peppers, are rich in vitamin C.

  1. Ginseng

The Panax Ginseng plant are known to have anti-aging effects on the human body. Ginseng when getting absorbed into the skin helps in maintaining the original shape as it grows the level of collagen. The antioxidants that it releases into the bloodstream protect the healthy cells and gives out a glowing effect to the skin.

  1. Cilantro

Cilantro, betterknown as coriander leafis a herb,that is commonly added in food recipes. Filled withVitamin C, Cilantro also has linolenic acids, that work as antioxidants fighting down the free radicals in the bloodstream that causes harm to the healthy skin cells.

  1. Algae

These are Marine plant ingredients that are essential part of beauty routines. Algae prevents oxidation from cutting down collagen and elasticity from the skin cells and retains the health of the skin.



Now as you know the effects of collagen, you might be eager to give it a push. But it is always recommendable that more than chemical products claiming to boost your collagen, try the natural ingredients and food items as they would not have any side effects and would give a much longer and better effect not only on beauty aspects but on your overall health as well.