Collagen Therapy Enhances the Hair Growth and Prevents Hair Loss

If around 50 to 100 of your hairs are falling every day, then it can be considered normal. However, if you are citing more hair than that on your hairbrush, then be alert. You are suffering from excessive hair shedding, which can be caused due to extreme stress level, loss of weight, giving birth to a child, undergoing an illness or surgery. In such situations, hair starts growing back after few weeks or months. Within a year’s time, it can be back to normal.

This hair shedding is different from hair loss. Hair loss occurs when the growth of your hair stops. There are several factors which can cause hair loss. For example, poor nutrition, certain types of medicines or treatments, usage of harsh hair products, etc. It can also be a genetic problem. The problem of hair loss cannot be solved until and unless you get proper treatment.

Additionally, there are specific problems like splitting hair which is mainly caused due to applying toxic elements for hair straightening purpose. It damages the smooth growth process of hair. Deficiency of collagen and keratin is also one more cause of hair problems.

For all these problems, there is one solution. These all problems can be prevented and treated by adding a collagen supplement as a part of daily diet.

What is Collagen?
Collagen is an abundant protein in the body which contributes to the making of large part of hair, skin and nails. Therefore, it is being applauded as an advanced beauty treatment.  It is a polypeptide formed by various amino acids like glycine. It can be found in bones, cartilage, skin and connective tissues. Our body produces collagen on its own; however, it can be added to the diet as a supplement if you have its deficiency.

Experiments conducted to study the role of collagen in preventing hair loss.

Is collagen good for hair? Well, in February 2016, a team of medical researchers in Japan discovered that the decreasing level of collagen close to hair follicle stem cell is having a connection with hair loss. The deficiency of a specific type of collagen called XVII collagen is responsible for the destruction of hair follicle DNA. This phenomenon was observed in the experiments conducted on mice. The mice were 18 months old. At this age, the mice start losing their hair. Generally, the younger mice have more and thicker hair follicles than that of older mice. The study revealed that the ageing mice which continued to produce collagen had less hair loss.

When the mice which had a deficiency of type XVII collagen were observed, it was noticed that stem cells which were damaged had turned into skin cells and cast off like dandruff. This caused hair to fall and decrease in hair follicles. The scientists are of the opinion that same principle applies to human beings.

Japanese researchers conducted a separate study of the human scalp. Their research revealed that the hair follicles of women below the age of 40 are more significant than that of women of age 50 and more. These revelations have made it an easy treat and cured baldness.

How does collagen work in the human body?

Hair is made up of the protein named keratin. This is generated in the body more efficiently when amino acids are supplied through blood. If you take the supplements of collagen, then the supply of amino acids to the blood increases significantly. These amino acids are absorbed in the digestive system and are used by hair follicle cells to produce keratin protein.

Collagen is also responsible for increasing blood circulation in the body. The increased blood flow to the scalp works towards improvising hair and scalp health. The hair follicles attain nutrients in the required amount and assist in hair grow faster.

Some people have dry and rough hair. This can be due to ageing or excessive usage of chemical hair products. Collagen comes to your rescue in this situation also. It increases moisture level in hair and repairs split ends. Therefore, it is used to treat dry and coarse hairs. This can also prevent greying of hairs to some extent. Those who are taking collagen supplements are seen boldly going over the hair problems.

Innovative Collagen Therapy for Hair Restoration

Many of the times, due to inadequate body development and preluding infections the balance of natural collagen formation is not maintained. Therefore, amino acids are not produced causing hair growth problems. To overcome this problem, we need to take help of third party agents to have sufficient amount of collagen. Scientists have unanimously agreed to the fact that, marine collagen plays a significant role in preventing hair thinning. It generates an adequate amount of collagen in blood for hair care. The most effective hydrolyzed collagen for hair is real marine hydrolysed based collagen which promoted the growth of hair follicles. This contains other components like hydroxyproline, proline, glycine, and glutamic acid.

The hair follicles regeneration method becomes dynamic with the faster process of rebirth of healthy hair preventing baldness.  Natural collagen is cultivated, and the growth of the hair shafts is amazingly rapid to make someone beautiful with the dense volume of glossy hair. Apart from consuming collagen as a supplement in diet, it is being used in products which are utilised in treatment for damaged hairs, for example, hair masks.

How does collagen benefit for hair?

Collagen, whether used as a food supplement or as an ingredient in hair products, gives out numerous benefits. If you read out collagen for hair growth reviews, then you will have an idea about it.

  •    Collagen strengthens the hair making them hard to break.
  •    It reduces the number of strands with split ends and also prevents normal hair from splitting.
  •    It reduces fizz in hairs making them easily manageable. With collagen hair treatment, you will rarely have a bad hair day.
  •    Collagen treatment protects your hair from the hazardous effects of heat; this can involve straightening or direct exposure to the sun in summers.
  •    It provides nourishment to hair as well as scalp. This prevents the generation of dandruff, and your hairs do not become dry and rough.

Side effects of collagen treatments

Collage treatment hasn’t shown any notable side effects. Only if the person is allergic to any of the ingredients of the collagen products, then the problem can arise. So, it is better to check the components of the products before using them or even before purchasing them.

Recommended products

Here is a list of few collagen products which are useful in resolving numerous health problems. You can directly buy these products from Amazon.

  1.    HEALTHKART Collagen-

This product contains collagen along with the goodness of glucosamine and vitamin C. If you want to use collagen for hair loss, then this is the best product. It helps in improving hair texture and strength. It can also improvise skin health. Healthkart collagen is also helpful in increasing flexibility and mobility of joints. It is advised to add 12 grams of Healthkart collagen in 100 ml of water.

  1.    Herbal Valley collagen-

These are purely veg capsules. They are free from dairy, gluten, eggs and nuts and are tested for absorption. Consumption of these capsules will provide you with healthy and shiny hair. It also has the significant effect on ageing skin, reducing wrinkles. It strengthens your bones and joints. Certified by FSSAI, these capsules are very effective supplements when it comes to lessening hair fall and other hair related problems.

  1.    Doctor’s Best, Best Collagen Types 1 & 3-

This is also a highly used collagen supplement. It provides you science-based nutrition which is essential for maintaining the strength of your hair, bones and skin. Those who have used this product are happy as their hair fall is reduced significantly with no dandruff or other hair related problem.

  1.    Solaray Type I, II and III Collagen Keratin-

This is one more useful product in the category of collagen supplement. They contain collagen keratin. Keratin naturally forms hair shafts. Therefore, your need of collagen for hair growth can be fulfilled by this product. Consumption of these supplementary capsules significantly grows your hairs and makes them strong. Hair becomes smooth and shiny with no split ends. Almost all hair problems are solved with the prescribed usage of this product.

There are many other collagen supplement products are available in the stores as well as online sites like Amazon, which enhance hair growth and prevent hair fall. However, it is imperative to take them with due permission of your doctor.

Then, there are hair masks which contain collagen as the main ingredients. They work effectively on hairs of any texture, especially the damaged hairs. After the treatment hair becomes smooth and silky without the fizz. The consistent treatment cures hairs with split ends and strengthens them. Eventually, you get more beautiful and beautiful hair.

Collagen is a powerful antioxidant, and it does better rework to inhibit the hair loss.   Free radicals and various harmful toxic elements destroy hair stem cells. The hair roots must be strengthened blocking the encroachment of free radicals.  Collagen enhances the firmness of hair follicles and ensures the formation of keratin bands to nourish hair shafts. Well, right collagen supplements help victims to rejuvenate hair follicles tackling the signs of hair loss/thinness. Innovative hair restoration therapies put considerable emphasis on the usage of collagen in unison with Vitamin C and Hyaluronic acid to recycle natural hair with dynamic gloss and lustre.


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